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In the United States, expert advice from a regional poison control center may be obtained by calling 1-800-222-1222. If cyanide poisoning is suspected, emergency medical personnel should be contacted immediately (dial 911).

The Big Three Signs of Cyanide Poisoning | CYANIDE INSIGHT
Knowing the top three signs of cyanide poisoning may help first responders assess and assist a victim of cyanide poisoning from fire smoke inhalation.

The Big Three Signs of Cyanide Poisoning3

A victim of cyanide poisoning from smoke inhalation may have a small window for survival. Your rapid assessment is a powerful tool against the effects of cyanide poisoning.2

If the warning signs below are present, it is important to act quickly.3

Three signs of cyanide poisoning include exposure to fire or smoke, altered mental status, and soot around nose and/or mouth